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Electropotencial sensor BPS v1.1
(registration of EMG, ECG and EEG signals)

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The electropotential sensor BPS v1.1 is designed to register any bioelectric signals generated by muscle contractions, heart and brain activity. Due to the special coating of the electrode, the sensor is reusable and requires only dry contact with the skin. The sensor has a high noise immunity to external interference due to amplifiers located directly on the electrode.

This product is suitable for creating any gadgets that work on the principle of recording ECG / EMG / EEG signals.


  • Stainless steel electrodes
  • Dry skin contact
  • The size of the electrode 10x10x2 mm
  • Power supply 2.7-5.5V, bipolar
  • 750 mA consumption
  • Maximum input frequency 8MHz

this product is NOT a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.
NOTE 2: this product
requires high-level soldering skills.