Myoelectric module MYO v1.0
(for registration of electromyographic signals)

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MYO v1.0 is a ready-to-use compact myoelectric module, sharpened for registration of electromyographic signals. Very convenient when used in conjunction with such microcontrollers as Arduino, STM32 and Teensy. To receive a signal, it is enough to power the device with a voltage of 5V (no more than 5.5V) and connect the output signal to any ADC.
For detailed instructions on use, read ELEMYO_MYO v1.0_datasheet

  • Specifications:
  • AgCl electrode coating, requires dry skin contact
  • Module size 40x12x5 mm
  • Dimensions of electrodes 10x10 mm, grounding electrode 10x5mm
  • Power supply 5V
  • Output voltage 0-5V
  • Maximum consumption 5mA
  • Coefficient of gain by default 200, custom adjustment is possible (read more in datasheet)
  • Built-in filters on a strip of 10 - 100 Hz.