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Do your products connect to Arduino?
Yes, of course. Every datasheet of our products contains the examples of connection scheme to Arduino.
What material are the sensor electrodes made of?
We use stainless steel for our dry EMG/ECG sensors.
Should I use any of conductive fluids with your sensors?
No, it's not necessary. It is dry skin contact sensors.
Can I buy a system MYOstack with 9 modules but use 4, 6 or 8 sensors?
Yes, you can. Sensors do not have to be connected all at once.
What is the Servo_Motion_Control.ino sketch about?
This sketch allows you to control the servo motor continuously - the angle of rotation of the motor shaft is proportional to the degree of muscle tension. 
What is the Servo_Discrete_Control.ino sketch about?
This sketch allows you to define single muscle contractions.
We provide free software for visualization, analysis and processing EMG/ECG signals. All links inside a datasheet of each product or via the link below
Yes, there are 2 examples in the Arduino library: Servo_Motion_Control.ino and Servo_Discrete_Control.ino.
The example of such connection is described in an overview MYO v1.4